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What Is Art Deco Interior Design – First popular in the Roaring 20’s, Art Deco is a design style that has never really gone away. Its bold, elegant aesthetic has a timeless modern feel and seems to transcend trends. Art Deco design is influenced by Glam 70’s and Hollywood Regency. The artist is beautiful and the use of precious materials explains why interior designers of high-quality materials and large boats are attracted to this type. However, the Art Deco interior trend has grown significantly this year. I love its captivating effect, so let’s take a closer look.

The first Art Deco period reached its peak in the 1920s and 30s. The king was established in Paris, and

What Is Art Deco Interior Design

, it passes through Europe and the United States. All aspects of the decorative arts are affected: interior design, art, architecture, fashion, cars, ships and trains. It is a beautiful style that reflects the economic prosperity of the time. New technology, air travel, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, the rise of the silver screen and the glamor of Hollywood movies were strong influences.

Step Inside 7 Opulent Art Deco Homes

Its clean lines, geometric shapes and simple proportions were a reaction against the flowing Art Nouveau style that preceded it. The style was adopted in the 1950s by Modernist architecture and, in the interior, Mid-Century Modern. Art Deco may be the first style of eclectic fashion, a beautiful and polished look that includes elements from various design styles.

Today, it’s part of a broader trend that has fueled the rise of craft wine culture worldwide. From the simple talking bar, to the popularity of the home bar. (Note that the wine cart is being converted into a wine bar this year… good news for us at Lazy Kingfisher – the cart and boat are not a good game. dining experience high in your own home. This speaks of a desire to create a sense of time. A new interest in art and a desire for luxury in these uncertain times. The current demand for gold and silver hardware, velvet and the Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue is a strong reflection of this trend.

. With its geometric bar design and the use of velvet, gold, marble, glass and face details. And pink, blue, gold green and black palette

Decadent yet understated, Art Deco is the perfect style for now. Not ready to go the full Great Gatsby yet? Mixing the elements of the style with this piece of time will help to create a timeless look. Inspiration is everywhere now from wallpaper, fabric and art to furniture, lighting and accessories. Look for a touch of glam, geometric patterns and luxurious materials. Read on to learn more and see my range of options:

Art Deco Interior Design (8)

Fans, chevrons, feathers, leaves and branches. Shells/scallops, Egyptian motifs, sunbursts and nudity. The hard part was inspired by the Chrysler Building – perhaps the most famous Art Deco architecture.

Shades of black, white, gold, mint green, pink, blue. For a modern update, think rich colors in contrast to pastels – see the Red Herring restaurant below. Similarly, neutrality can be used.

There is a large Art Deco nouveau painting at the Red Herring in LA. (above + below). It offers its restaurant a modern red and teal color scheme. Bentwood Chairs showcase the repurposed parts found in Art Deco designs.

The elegant design at 14 Hills, London has a contemporary feel but the seating area shows an Art Deco influence.

Fetching Art Deco Architecture Interior Best Ideas Art Deco Interior Design Inspirations Art 照片从babbie365

Victory, there is a mint and pink color scheme. Here we can see how well the model works in the “as is” interior.

Interior studio VG Living’s stand at Casa Decor 2020 in Madrid earlier this month. Lots of Art Deco details

Bright costumes, feathers and geometric motifs are finished with gold and glass. Notice how the pink blue and green color scheme includes soft pastels and dark metallic tones.

A bold statement and friendly wallpaper will add some high drama to your home. Trés elegante…one for the brave!

Art Deco Style Beige Interior With Green Sofa, Columns, Table Lamp, Moldings. Stock Illustration

Corners, other feathers, tufted sofas, glass, gold and geometric patterns and rugs with Art Deco patterns. Taith Fawr Modern nails of that type but shows them in a

British design studio 2LG creates beautiful contemporary interiors with a touch of Deco. Here, it is seen in cupboard spaces, geometric tiles, round displays, symmetrical sinks and even light fixtures reflected in the mirror. This image has the same pink and blue color scheme as the one above and the proportions of Art Deco related pieces but it has a different and modern feel.

And, just to show you that it can be done in neutral, here is a beautiful monochrome bathroom from the American designer Lexi Grace Design. Funky chandeliers, which are trending this year, have a strong Art Deco feel as do geometric floor tiles. Black and white was a common color scheme at the time.

So, that sums up Art Deco for the year 2020. A bold, beautiful, elegant style with strong layers. What do you think? Do you like this style? Let me know in the comments.

Mirror And Marble Art Deco Interior

We use cookies to ensure the best experience for you. By using our website, we hope you enjoy it. OK, understand the secret policy Art Deco was one of the most interesting and influential styles of the 20th century, and it is still influencing design today. As a style, Art Deco can easily be adapted to fit into any interior so that the style’s expression remains. Art Deco furniture is still being produced today, reflecting the enduring appeal of the beautiful style of Deco.

To create an Art Deco effect in your interior, think boldly and think it won’t go wrong. Deco is beautiful, functional and modern, although it dates back to the 1920s, this is still the perfect combination for a modern home. Although it creates a dramatic effect to achieve a complete Art Deco interior, it is possible to include elements in the Art Deco interior that can be rich or understated depending on your taste. and your lifestyle. Art Deco interior will bring a touch of old school charm and elegance to your living space.

This Art Deco interior design guide will highlight some of the key elements and finishes, colors and textures that will create a contemporary Art Deco interior…

Choose angular, geometric styles – Art Deco motifs have a strong and bold look, with straight lines and angular details. A classic Deco motif is the sunset – or a mirror like the sunset, or if it is placed on the control table – which is often used to decorate the Deco interior. Zigzags, chevrons and steps are popular, and can be added to the interior in a variety of ways, from floor and wall coverings to rugs and rugs.

All About Art Deco Interior Design Style

In addition to linear decorations and geometric motifs, Art Deco paintings often use exotic elements, often with irregular, bright, and shiny elements. The wood is highly polished, or given a beautiful lacquer, and is often finished with bronze or chrome – a beautiful example that can be found in the Design Studio of Taylor Howes that combines high shining with golden tones and golden tones. . motifs. Everything in the Art Deco interior has a strong presence and a striking design – it is a strong and bold look in general. Deco designs have no hint of tenderness or romance, so avoid floral or floral patterns in favor of geometric or color blocking.

Take the opportunity to cover every piece that touches the Deco – from the fabric, the color choice, the fabric choice – use in everything, because it is more and more.

Art Deco furniture has always been influential. The Green Street Base Interior property is a perfect example of a contemporary Art Deco interior – note the use of precious materials in a monochrome palette, and geometric lighting fixtures and linear metal inserts in the doorways. complete look.

. Deco was popular and internationally accepted between 1925 and 1940s. Around the arts and crafts, the Art Deco style can be found in fine art and interior design, furniture, fashion, jewelry, textiles and fashion.

The Art Deco Renaissance In 2019

Art Deco was inspired by the modern technology of the 1920s, which can be seen in smooth lines, geometric shapes and simple forms that express movement. Deco has a living luxury, which is emphasized by the use of silver, crystal, ivory, jade and lacquer. The style is always beautiful, attractive and functional and has stood the test of time.

The Deco style derives from many previous movements – the geometric style of Cubist art, the engineering style of Constructivism and Futurism, and of course its predecessor, Art Nouveau. It was also found that there was a touch of Fauvism as

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