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After a tough weekend convinced that Amazon killed the promotion with a simple update, we have some good news! While this is not the case, there are some things sellers should be aware of in terms of their Amazon inventory management strategy.

Simply The Quantity Of Does Invest For Business Intelligence Developer

ViralLaunch has found a TOS (Terms of Service) friendly approach to drive development while fully protecting your inventory. We have already updated our Amazon Seller Launchpad with the fix!

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For those of you who don’t know, Amazon has removed the ability to create penny/dollar promotions. Meaning, before a customer applies a coupon, X number of dollars is deducted from the cart total. However, Amazon (according to their website this change took place on November 7th, although it was seen by many sellers on Friday the 11th) has removed the ability to make money/dollar off promotions, only Limits growth to percent.

So what’s the big deal? The big deal is that there is no way to limit the amount of units that customers can apply this promotion to. Even if you set the customer benefit to 1 unit, even if you use unit usage claim codes, this is not possible. For example, let’s say you create an 80% off promotion for your widget that normally sells for $20.00. A customer can set the order quantity to 100 units, apply the coupon, and walk away with 100 units of inventory for $400 versus the $2000 MSRP. As middlemen become more popular, so does the practice of capturing and reselling discounted products. It can become dangerous very quickly. Even if you run a 40-50% off promotion, you still run the risk of the middleman selling off your list for selling at the top of your list. The advances made at this point are ridiculous.

So what is reform? Despite what you may have read in many Facebook groups, there is no way to set up a promotion that allows you to block a customer from grabbing 999 units of your list with a promotional code. Also, despite what you may have read in the Facebook groups, setting your product settings to “Maximum Total Ship Quantity” in the “More Details” tab of Seller Central’s Inventory Management section doesn’t help either. It does (honestly from our tests, I don’t think this setting works for any purpose).

For some products/categories, there is a setting in the Offers tab that allows you to set your maximum order capacity to a certain number. When set to 1, for example, it allows you to limit customers to buying only one unit at a time. The customer is not able to add more than one unit to the cart if they have a promotional code or pay full price. Animal Connector Stainless Steel Charms

The problem here is that most categories do not have this setting available in the user interface within Seller Central. So are those sellers out of order who are out of luck….? Fortunately not!

Our talented developer Steve was able to discover that through the Amazon MWS APIs, we are able to programmatically update the Maximum Order Quantity field for each category of products. This means that for each product we can limit customers to purchase a certain amount for each order! No tricks, no black hat magic. Just a simple API call and all is good.

So, we spent the day updating our Reseller Launchpad to provide functionality for resellers to give us access to their MWS account. Once we have access, you can then set your maximum order quantity in your product settings at Viral Launch. As soon as you start a promotion, set the maximum order amount to 1, and once the promotion ends you can remove the limit! It’s as easy as that! By setting your maximum order quantity to 1, Amazon prevents customers from adding more units to the cart than the specified value, which in this case is 1. The downside of this method is that if an organic customer tries to place an order for two units, they cannot. Fortunately when using Virus Launchpad, you can easily reset this setting once you’ve completed your promotion by logging in and setting the settings back to Unlimited.

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I apologize for the short post; We were quick to get everything up to date and together. I’ll be posting a longer post tomorrow with my thoughts on the change. I simply wanted to calm everyone’s nerves and let our community know that we have a solution!

Tomorrow I’ll discuss why we believe Amazon has made this change and why the information I’ve received leads me to believe it’s only temporary. Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the United States, shipping 18.5 orders or 1.6 million per second. More than 385 million packages per day. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced seller, everyone wants to know the same thing: how to increase sales on Amazon.

It may seem difficult to get your Amazon store to the top of the search results, but there are several steps you can take to increase sales. Here are a few tips you can use to maximize your sales on Amazon.

Creating an Amazon seller account is easy, but it is not enough to have many orders. You must ensure that your product titles and descriptions are correct. Choose them with relevant keywords to ensure better search engine results. Create a headline that speaks for itself, appeals to your customers, and makes them want to click on the link. 3d Sticker Simple Line Black And White Gold Leaf Nail Design Nail Sticker Art Deco Transfer Decorative Nail Decoration Sticker Set (color

You can use a simple formula to create effective titles based on Amazon SEO: your brand name + product name + product characteristics (material, purpose / size / quantity / color, etc.)

Amazon’s search algorithm gives more importance to keywords in your title than to product descriptions, bullet points, or any other text. Try to include as many relevant keywords in your product titles as possible without compromising readability. It’s important to include consumer-focused search terms in your Amazon listings so they appear in the top results. Analyze your product title and choose your keywords, as a result, potential customers will see your product, and this will increase your organic ranking.

Amazon has about 2 million third-party sellers who want to keep customers interested and sell more. You need to track the average selling price, including discounts on each product. You can easily do this with a special program and pricing tool.

Offer the best price or send Amazon promotions to high-value sellers to stand out and compete. These customers feel happy to know that they have saved even a few cents. At the same time, you may get more sales, more loyal customers, and increase your rankings. If your product prices are higher than your competitors, it is important to have a valid reason, such as additional features or positive social feedback, such as reviews. Simple Personalized Stationery Set, Personalized Note Cards, Personalized Thank You Cards, Your Choice Of Colors And Quantity

It is important to establish a presence on the first page of results if you want to be successful with your online business. Investing time in creating an attractive and well-priced list can pay dividends and increase sales.

The first thing that customers see on Amazon is a picture, and the entire fate of this product depends on its type. Research has shown that around 80% of consumers find product images and photos ‘very’ and ‘extremely’ influential in their online purchasing decisions.

High quality photos and videos should show your product from different angles and lifestyle images, allowing your customers to “touch” the products and form a more accurate idea of ​​what they will get out of the deal.

Spend less time and money creating quality visual content. Good photos will help increase conversion rates, reduce traffic costs, have fewer dissatisfied customers, and stand out from the competition. Red Reflective Driveway Markers, Double Sided Snow Metal Reflectors Sticks For Driveway Entrance, Post, Road, High Visibility At Night Or Any Weather, 37 Inch (12 Pieces)

Good account health and useful metrics, such as high customer satisfaction scores, help Amazon’s algorithm recognize you as an authentic seller and increase your product visibility.

Reviews can make or break your business, so keep in mind the essential principle of e-commerce: customers love other customers. Reviews created by verified customers can improve the credibility and credibility of your online business.

Not all customers are ready to leave product reviews but don’t push them lightly and ask them to leave reviews after their purchase. The number of positive reviews is a strong reason for your target audience to click “Buy Now”.

In the United States, more than two billion visitors come to the market every month. Increase your visibility on the platform using ads. Investing in advertising options like sponsored product ads and e-deals will get your products in front of more people.

The Amazon Prime Feature You Need To Save Money Monthly

Aggressively increasing your product sales and profits without advertising on Amazon is almost impossible. But you have to be careful – Amazon ads can bring a lot of sales

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