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Scandinavian influence thrives in all forms of design, from the visual arts and writing to architecture and, of course, furniture and decor. This post presents 10 homes that show the range and sophistication of Scandinavian interiors – some offer the white leather and wood familiar to Ikea magazines, while others tackle the broad definition of Nordic decor with beautiful, bright colors. One of the best things about Scandinavian design is that almost anyone can incorporate some of this beauty into their homes. We’re sure you’ll be inspired to match your signature style.

Scandinavian Interior Design Condo

Our first interior starts with a renovation concept later completed by architects Anna & Eugeni Bach, seen here by Render Taxi. It plays on the importance of light in Scandinavian design, but adds at least one surprising modern twist: a dramatic ceiling that weaves a story between bright light and appropriate shade.

Gorgeous Scandinavian Living Room Designs In Malaysia

The original boards were recovered from the original restoration and later rearranged into a series of unique stripes for dramatic effect.

This next space is a bit more colorful and incorporates many natural themes. Light color is always appreciated during the long Scandinavian winter, so it makes sense to include lots of life and lots of space.

Storage is always necessary – smart storage helps keep things clutter-free, and these built-in solutions feel particularly natural here.

This house is a great example to show that Nordic influence doesn’t have to come from Scandinavia. The mirror is by the French designer Jacques Adnet, and the best stools are by Fabio Bortolani.

Condo Interior Design With Pastel Colours

The kitchen is efficient and homely, with spice jars and extra dishes displayed on open shelves as a way to add more character.

Red and black create a very cool color theme for the kitchen. Prints on rugs are featured in many Nordic designs.

This next space shows the side of Scandinavian design that uses a lot of wooden elements. Even the floor is bright and very strong, and the color scheme reflects a strong but simple gray theme that is enhanced by pops of color in carefully selected areas.

Here, you can look at the beautiful little wood accents used in the living room, including the open side table legs and the wood end of the back room.

Condo Boasts Chic Scandinavian Style Interiors In Vancouver, Canada

Up to a game? The unique chess machine sitting on the table is a famous design of the Baha’i school. Each shape describes the range of motion allowed for a good example of how the design works.

Such playful content! Wooden dining chairs are a classic style around the world, and Eames designed chairs have made their way into the vocabulary of the design world as well.

Swedish designer Mattias Ståhlbom has created a series of colored E27 lamps which are pictured here. Notice how the cords go around and under the pack in the attached diagram on the back.

Although many people associate Scandinavian influence with minimalism, the two are not always the same. It’s always good to surround yourself with things you love.

A Stylish Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Accents of yellow and blue give this playroom a unique feel of sunshine and atmosphere. The classic design keeps things simple and the bright geometric design enhances the modern effect. This space is defined by attractive decorations and smart storage solutions.

All in all, it would be hard to miss a home in a space like this.

So many beautiful plants! Scandinavian winters aren’t perfect, but coming home to a house full of plants will always lift your spirits.

Taxidermy isn’t always suitable for modern homes, but it’s reminiscent of northern hunter culture – the impressive 3D deer on the left offers a nice way to update.

Japandi Vs Scandinavian Condo Interior Design

The beautiful concrete and curved wire mesh lights seem to defy gravity. These are from the Pot-Purri line of 3 Digo Gari.

Check out the garden with many varieties of plants and the beautiful scenery! Both designs help save space for beautiful and clean decorations.

Bright, white and classic – the bedroom is simple but full of character, warm with layers of grey.

Two additional concrete lamps hang above each bedside table. These have bright orange cords to match the single night stand.

Functional Condo Interior Design Ideas For Small Condos

While this interior doesn’t follow the original rule of the interior design magazine known from the magazines, it certainly seems reminiscent of the smell of pine and the feeling of very strong wind. The transparent glass coffee table looks almost like a piece of ice – but the furniture itself is as comfortable as can be.

The strong power allows guests to wrap themselves in a blanket and enjoy a good conversation. Woven cords, bolts and strong fabric weaves are revealed in layers for maximum effect.

Wine boxes and armoires are a break from the minimalist storage solutions we’re used to seeing. There is always room for both styles.

The exposed white brick and heavy timbers provide a nice contrast to the more minimalist surfaces executed on the right.

Smart Scandinavian Interior Design Hacks To Try

The view from the window shows palm trees and a view of the beach – The influence of Scandinavian design has proven true wherever good design flourishes.

Opened with a striking image of John Lennon, it undoubtedly captures the elegant white and wood scheme typical of Nordic designers. It has a beautiful and minimalist appearance, without ever feeling cold thanks to the wooden elements and fabrics.

The Flag Halyard chair is the work of Hans Wegner, perhaps one of the most prominent names in Scandinavian design. Leather is a necessary material to cushion the impact of steel and rope. Here it serves as a nice chaise longue.

Chipped and greyed, cinder block walls add an unmatched touch of character to an otherwise stunning home.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas, Inspiration & Images

Although the zebra print and the unique curved kitchen lights give a unique look, the combination of leather goods is also worth studying.

Welcome to the colorful side of Scandinavian design! This space has a punch of light and energy that is different from the stark white sterile space of magazines. This interior bursts with energy and color, revealing the character of the occupant at all times.

Nautical themes dominate this beauty, with prints of sea creatures and anchors and more. Unfinished wood furniture is almost reminiscent of driftwood.

Crafted wooden furniture appears in almost every Nordic-style home. The chair on the left is a classic Eames design.

This Vs That: Muji Vs Scandinavian

Here’s a great idea of ​​a selection of nautical decor that brings life to an open living space.

It will be hard to forget spending time with friends in a special kitchen like this.

The traditional Acapulco chair is loved in Scandinavia and elsewhere. It can also function as a modern outdoor chair. The side table is a direct design from Demark by the talented artist Thomas Bentzen. The Serge Mouille floor reading lamp provides companionship to the reading chair.

No matter where you live, a home isn’t a home without a lot of love. The layout of the print frame anchors the legacy.

Easy Tips From Modern Condos For Creating A Scandinavian Inspired Interior

This bedroom also uses the premium bed frame to compensate for the slightly off-center location.

Here, you will notice that the decorative bird’s nest on the right is a very suitable lamp to illuminate the work desk and the comfort of reading by the window.

Some hints of color come from wooden objects, potted plants and decorative ceramics.

This happy home consists of an open plan living area with a small bedroom and bathroom – but these spaces carry a lot of character between them. Robin’s egg color provides a primary color with bursts of green that are attractive to light sources.

Best House Interior Design Ideas At This 4 Room Condo At Carissa Park

Eclectic furniture carries a clear sense of Scandinavian influence, from low profiles to a curved wooden lamp.

Ever wondered what Bauhaus-meets-Nordic design would look like? Now you have your answer – this house is simple and refined, but contains a touch of industrial influence that is hard to find anywhere else. The colors are subtle and different, but are related to blue and yellow in general.

Smeg refrigerators appear in many Scandinavian interiors, it is easy to forget that they are designed in Italy. They seem to fit in very well with the Nordic alliance.

In the kitchen, lovingly painted tiles and natural wood planks balance the white countertops. The pendant is the Foscarini “Rock” light, made in collaboration with Diesel.

Different Scandinavian Interiors With Their Own Personal Touch

This beautiful house is the concept for the “Cbin in the Woods” project, seen here by N-Gon Archviz. The furniture selection includes Scandinavian antiques alongside modern touches, with many decorative and unique decorations to keep guests interested for days.

It is difficult to see the Scandinavian house seen at night, although daylight hours are short in the far north. Night view photos provide a wonderful opportunity to see the true effect of indoor lighting.

The soft curves of Coco Flip light up the wooden dining set. Consider the moose on the left – so perfect!

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