Modern Minimalist Graphic Design

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Modern Minimalist Graphic Design – Simple graphic design is something that isn’t going away anytime soon. Every day we are inspired by our surroundings, whether we realize it or not, and this is especially true for those of us who are more creative. We see inspiration in everything from a large mural to the packaging on that granola bar you packed for lunch. This is what all creatives have in common – the shared ability to recognize the impact of design on our surroundings. Designers take inspiration from many references and then use their designs to effectively communicate a brand’s message or solve a problem.

One of the most influential art movements of the last century was the miniature movement. The roots of minimalism include the De Stijl movement, which was a reaction to the excesses of the Art Deco movement. Its creators sought to achieve a unified aesthetic in what they believed to be a new universal visual language at a time when a new spiritual world order was beginning to emerge. It also includes the influence of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who is considered the father of “less is more” architecture. Mies was an advocate for simplicity, and as a result; He was influential in introducing open floor plan concepts in residential homes.

Modern Minimalist Graphic Design

Emerging from New York in the 1960s, the minimalists removed all overwhelming influences from art, leaving the viewer with only a raw emotional response. In his opinion, art should refer to nothing but itself. A reductionist attitude emerged from the art world and dominated all aspects of modern life.

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This movement spans everything from music to home furnishings. We can see how it has been affected to name a few. With its raw lines and functionality, the minimalist furniture is a great example of minimalist art resulting in a simple design. The Bauhaus school and its aesthetics can be considered a direct influence on graphic artists. The shift towards craftsmanship in conjunction with industrial design simply balances beauty and utility.

If you like a simple and clean aesthetic. You will probably like the simple graphic design. Simple graphic design is centered around a simple philosophy. “Less is more.” It is often said that it has become a cliché, but it is the essence of the minimalist school of graphic design.

This trend tries to focus only on the most basic and necessary elements of a product or topic. This removes anything that takes the viewer’s eye away from the most important things about the design.

You can see this when designing user interfaces, for example. Designs lean toward simplicity and efficiency rather than clutter and distraction; so as not to interrupt an otherwise seamless experience.

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When it comes to simple graphic design, there are several elements that designers use to achieve their goals.

When you strip away most of the other tangible elements of design, you realize that the seemingly small design decisions you make are just as important as typography. What may seem like small things are important to the overall success of a design. Some examples of standard fonts that are more visible on screen and easier to scan include Arial, Verdana, Contains fonts such as Trebuchet and Lucida Sans.

Fonts and colors of letters cease to be parts of a brand image and can become the brand image itself.

Wrong decisions in typography can affect the design. A strong and effective brand, for example, needs an image that conveys it effectively. moving Subtle characters are not appropriate in this case.

Neo Minimalism In Graphic Design

Instead, A graphic designer can use bold fonts, bold colors and more white space should be considered here. Imagine if The North Face logo was a thinner, italic font than its famous (and easily recognizable) standard bold font.

Fonts, like pictures, are evocative and it is important to remember what types of fonts trigger certain responses. Recently, the art of calligraphy has come back into vogue, with the collection of pens and brushes for learning calligraphy. As we live in a very image-saturated world; This proves how powerful the written word can be. Typography has a balancing and contrasting effect that cannot be ignored in graphic design.

Simple graphic design provides balance without relying heavily on symmetry. Since the image cannot be easily divided into two halves, the effect is often large. An image on the left can naturally draw the eye to the text on the right. By drawing a sharp line on the bottom, you can balance the splash of color on top.

The goal is not to create a symmetrical image, but to create a symmetrical image. Having said that, it is equally important that your images stay on the grid. Organize your images in a simple, linear way that makes it easy for the viewer to navigate. Distance and uniformity of grouping maintain spatial relationships and create harmony. A grid hangs organized information and elements and establishes a visual hierarchy, while flat design elements can enhance the overall design impact.

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The use of complex color palettes does not disqualify a design from being minimalist, but it is best to keep the color choices simple. Also, using a few different colors in unique combinations can have just as much impact as a larger palette. It can also help to identify the brand with specific colors or create an indelible association with the message.

Back to the reference to The North Face brand; The designer chose red to represent passion and courage and black to show elegance and dominance. The brand is very prominent; It is the most copied logo in the world.

Using only a few colors helps maintain a distinct visual identity, no matter how many products or individual components are involved in the project. Continuity of the color palette across the products is something that must be maintained. Keep that in mind when choosing your palette.

Simple graphic design involves the use of several elements to build an impact design for simplicity to use a few key elements for maximum impact. For this point, the images used should be of high quality and should be very exciting.

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Few can forget the haunting eyes of an Afghan girl who graced the cover of National Geographic more than three decades ago. The twelve-year-old refugee girl’s portrait is one of the most famous covers of the magazine and has been used countless times in advertisements for the magazine. In fact, It is synonymous with National Geographic itself. Choosing the right image for your project can be equally exciting.

Simple graphic design requires a lot of white space. Removing the images from the design creates a sense of calm and makes the focus of the message sharper and more intense. It tends to focus on a single image and a few words; Or they tend to focus on a single, catchy message. The rest of the room is not white (although white and black are preferred background colors for most designs).

More or less. Think about it. All you have to do is use enough to communicate your message effectively. No need to color the lily when it comes to simple graphic design. Some of the most famous brands have the simplest designs. another font with a solid background; A simple logo in a bold color or even just a line drawing.

Whether you’re a professional or a student, taking the time to be inspired by the work of others is key to getting your creative juices flowing. The list below contains great examples of minimalist graphic design and portfolios that can inspire your own creations.

O Letter Mark Modern Minimalist Logo Design

Clean Fold London; A laundromat and coffee bar in the East End. This particular part of London is very complex and creative, and this hybrid concept encourages citizens to work while doing their laundry. When Rebecca Todd, a recent New York graduate, developed her brand strategy, it was very simple; He took a simple and sarcastic approach. In addition to designing their logo; her laundry bag and bleach; Soaps, I also drew some of the Clean Fold supplies, like stain removers and fabric softener bottles. Although I noticed that she used bold patterns. Very simple and easy color schemes she says;

Prosa is a tradition that revolutionizes traditional hair care products. Their line is completely customizable and they have become a household name. It makes sense that their branding and bottle design aptly reflect their unique and effortless approach to style. Prosa hired Red Antler to create product labels to help them stand out from their competitors. Each product has a label with its brand colors and the name of the consumer. their hairstyles; Who is the hairdresser? It has a simple font that describes the hair problems that the product is supposed to treat.

Shillington graduate Margaux Stockwell redesigned the book cover for A Little Life.

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