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Minimal Japanese Interior – Against the mainstream idea that having more things equals a better life, the new concept of minimalist living has emerged from the small movement. According to this idea, people should live with things that have a deep meaning for them. There aren’t many things that a person should have as a minimum, but the main idea is “less is more” and a fulfilling life is one where you surround yourself with things. and important people to you.

One way to think about minimalism in interior design is to look to Japanese design and understand the WabiSabi aesthetic. WabiSabi is a beauty brand that thrives on the idea of ​​beauty in the dark and bad times. This movement is presented in various arts such as painting, drawing, and ceramics, but according to our ideas of minimalist interior design, the most important are the works of Sen no Rikyu (1522 – 1591) in Japanese tea ceremony or chanoyu. .

Minimal Japanese Interior

Most of us think of Japanese tea room as something that is always simple and full of deep meaning. However, this is not always the case. The Japanese tea ceremony is a great practice that is held to show how rich a person is and the good culture of the nearby world.

What Characterizes Japanese Interior Design Style?

Sen no Rikyu, with his beautiful balance and love for simplicity, changed the meaning of the tea ceremony from a social relationship to a beautiful place for its simplicity and not good. He paid attention to the irregular and asymmetric veins, which others considered to be defects. For him, these objects, made of small materials (bamboo, clay, and wood), can acquire signs of time and use that are given more meaning than their form and the equipment. According to Sen no Rikyu, these nerves can make us realize the ugliness of our lives and the beauty of the natural world.

To help us think about how we can bring the ideas of Sen no Rikyu into our homes today, Andrew Juniper, in his book Wabisabi: Japanese Art of Imperfection [1], shares some elements of minimalist design. The way to WabiSabi.

According to his ideas, WabiSabi interior design should start focusing on simplicity, without embellishment or craftsmanship, and free space, if nothing more than what is needed for a room. Because “it is necessary to remove all the previous ones in order to give enough space for a single expression” [2]. In having simple and spacious rooms, you should work to keep these rooms sober and focus on some free space with products and furniture made from organic materials that can show the past and gets more meaning with age. There are some irregularities and there is a natural uneven texture.

Using these designs, you should be able to create an interior that is minimal, but has a deep meaning for the people living in these places. The Japanese WabiSabi beauty of the natural and imperfect may not appeal to you. However, their simplicity and vibrancy can help everyone learn to live more easily by creating spaces that focus on what is important to them. This HDB house in Boon Lay is decorated with wood and white materials that complement its design.

Minimalism And Wabisabi In Interior Design

The Japanese style of minimalism has found its way into Singaporean homes in the past few years. No wonder, however – homeowners tend to focus on eliminating unnecessary elements in their interior, so the style of the house changes to a clean environment and not have a living.

Software engineer Robin, 31, and graphic designer Ying, 28, both agree that Japanese minimalism is what their dream home should look like. So they joined the community to work on their 4-room HDB flat in Boon Lay, spending a total of $45,000 on renovations.

“We watched a lot of Japanese shows about renovations and home tours, and we were inspired by how they designed the house to be simple, but still able to use all of the storage space. We believe that form follows function and a beautiful home should also be practical – a home where we can relax and be comfortable and easy to hold,” said Robin.

Ying explains: “We wanted a bigger living room, so we split the bedroom next to the living room to create a large space where we can host our friends for parties and socializing. written. The broken space became a relaxing space and we added bean bags and bookcases to make it even cozier. This is one of the best places for a weekend trip. “

Ways To Add Japanese Style To Your Interior Design

One of their favorite pieces of furniture in their home is a modular chair from Muji. It is made of different materials that can be mixed and matched with an L-shaped chair or just a long chair. Or you can move it if more space is needed. This chair gives us some versatility in managing their space.

“We also opted for an open kitchen, which has become a place where I like to eat and be healthy while still being able to watch TV or bond with my wife. It makes the house feels bigger, but still makes it comfortable,” Ying said.

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Another favorite item in the house is a storage bed made of mud. Yin and Robin wanted to free up space under the bed, so these extra drawers hold blankets, winter clothes and more.

Fujiwaramuro Architects Designs Minimalist Japanese House To Showcase Owner’s Car

Since the couple already had a clear vision of what they wanted in their home, it was easier for them to choose an interior designer. Robin shared, “We found the Organization through a renovation blog post that had designs and looking through their information we saw that they were what we wanted. They provided us with the designs. need while still holding the things we are looking for.”

While hiccups are part of the rehabilitation process, Ying and Robin report that their process has been completed quickly with little bumps in the road. Their designers have given them time to be clear so that they can focus on other tasks such as choosing furniture.

“It was a great experience from start to finish because they also approved the materials used. The renovation was faster than expected, so we took our time slowly picking up the furniture and making before we knew it, the cabinets and floor were built and soon, we were ready to move in!” Exuding Ying. “We like that they are a small company and are dedicated and involved in the project. They also inspected our house and provided custom designs for closets, beach lighting . especially Terry, who made sure everything was done and done well.”

The only challenge they faced was “trying to squeeze as much storage space into a small apartment as possible while still looking good.” The couple didn’t want to sacrifice design for functionality (and vice versa) – and they were very happy that their ID managed to make everything work the way they liked.

Bedroom Japanese Minimal Style.,modern Green Wall And Wooden Floor, Room Minimalist. 3d Rendering Stock Photo

Combined with their penchant for Japanese minimalism, the couple sourced most of the furniture from Muji, flooring and lighting from Scandi Supply, and other items from Taobao.

So what makes this house special? They said, “For us, the palette of wood and white, with the smell of yuzu, makes us feel like we are in Japan. Others may not agree, but the width of the house is rest in the middle of this stressful life. Achieving a modern Japanese look, coordinating colors for a cohesive look, plenty of storage, and finishing all without breaking a sweat make this dream home a reality! “

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