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Art Deco Interior Design Color – The Art Deco style was popular in Europe and America, especially during the Golden Age of the 1920s and 1930s. Compared to the modern minimalist movement, the inspiration of the art nouveau or deco movement was considered a bit different. This movement is not limited to architecture and interior.

He took the entire world by storm and lived for almost 30 years. This style is caused by the fact that it reflects the business age of the machines and the new modern look but at the same time has been seen as a beautiful and practical design. Art Deco lasted for 40 years from the 20’s to the mid 50’s.

Art Deco Interior Design Color

The world that followed enjoyed the honesty and elegance of Scandinavian mid-century modern design. It should come as no surprise that Art Deco has not received a revival today in the small explosion of interior design. You can see traces of Art Deco in vintage furniture and design work in the production. Art Deco includes patterns, luxury and high materials and some details that scream for attention.

Beautiful Art Deco Bedroom Ideas For Instant Glam

The origins of Art Deco architecture are difficult to trace, but the term is known to have originated in France. Its translation from French means to decorate. Naturally, most people think of interior design when it comes to design, but Art Deco has a wider scope. He talks about architecture, paintings and even fashion designs.

Art Deco can appear chaotic to the naked eye. But in fact, there are subtle rules that determine the design. It’s a curious combination of traditional and modern themes. Elegant, bright and rich decorations are what defines Art Deco. If you look closely, you can see that the Art Deco buildings are similar to the homes and houses of the rich and famous in Hollywood from the early 20s.

After World War I, the people of Europe and America were tired and weary. The spacious buildings and houses in the village often remind them of everyday life. The Art Deco movement entered the design as a product of the human desire for love, beauty, opulence and luxury.

The international movement can easily be traced back to World War II. At the French Exposition in Paris, people got their first glimpse of the far away art deco. There is a huge movement against the traditional decoration that is more religious and ostentatious.

Art Deco Interiors

Art Deco first started as a trend in fashion, influenced furniture design and led to a larger movement. Social and architectural movements cooperated to make Art Deco very successful. Wherever they are, large gatherings, such as the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, Art Deco has become part of the interior design and space planning.

He likes intellectuals and artists alike. They can’t stop raving about the model; Art Deco: The Art Deco movement and the rise of skyscrapers such as the Chrysler Building combined beautiful designs designed for industrial growth.

Hence, the Art Deco ideal is called “Master of the Sky”. The main theme of Art Deco is to use the past to make way for the future in terms of beauty, functionality and culture. This translates into skyscrapers that look sleek but are decorated with Art Deco elements. Many towers are provided with caps that serve no other purpose than to make the building taller and more beautiful.

The luxury used in Art Deco style has always exuded glitz and glamour. Take gold, for example; They are synonymous with the rich new industries and technology of the time. Traces of gold are seen throughout Art Deco interiors and furniture designs. Information should be strong in the fabric, with animal prints such as shark, leopard and zebra prints. There is also a significant impact on the velvet fabric.

Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Stainless steel, chrome, glass and glass finish are the need of the time and are used without limitation. Other luxury palate materials include marble, ebony and zebrawood. There is only one simple rule of thumb. It should be bright and not dark.

With that in mind, wood will be at the bottom of our priority list. But rare and dark-textured wood such as walnut is also often used. They only work later on the gold inlays on the floors and walls. This time it’s all about being different, and make no mistake; The information can be passed through every bit.

The styles of Art Deco are bold, simple flowing and symmetrical. They found unity through geometric objects. Patterns include abstract motifs such as fans, flowers, sunbursts and chevrons, and stylized versions of jagged lines.

Art Deco is credited to the industry and technology that changed Europe and America, often through mediums or designs. Straight cut, geometric and angular lines represent boldness and confidence. The easiest way to identify Art Deco furniture is to look for motifs such as chevron patterns, step letters, sweeping curves, zigzag patterns, triangles and animal prints.

In Pasadena, An Art Deco Dream With A Vibrant Checkered Ceiling

If you are a creative person, Art Deco will be your perfect muse. His loud and bright voice can easily overpower anything else. It also makes it easy to compliment Art Deco with different designs.

For example, if you add some glass and curved glass frames to a room with people and traditional wood, Art Deco will add some character to the place. The whole visual approach can be unique and interesting. You can do the following and include it in your design:-

The colors used are visually appealing and very bold. They are often finished with metal colors such as chrome, silver, gold, and even simple stainless steel. During the Art Deco period, the colors used range from yellow, red, blue and pink to sometimes black.

Some of the soft shades also have colors like cream and beige. One must remember that if you combine neutral colors with polished wood and furniture with a coat of lacquer, you can get yourself in an Art Deco bedroom, maybe.

Luxury Modern Living Room Done In The Art Deco Style. Stock Illustration

Shape is everything when it comes to making a statement with Art Deco furniture. They are usually large in scale, without detail. The image is enhanced with gold and chrome borders for performance.

Large consoles and sideboards as well as large chairs are painted for the Art Deco scene. If you think that animal print is too much, the style also gets luxury items such as tortoise shell with a beautiful inlay as decoration.

Besides the usual shark and zebra skin, there is more affinity with textures like velvet and leather. Feminine colors like lilac or floral prints are strictly for Art Deco. You can choose to choose colors or materials with elements of geometry in them. If you can decorate the furniture with solid color, you can achieve Art Deco in your home.

Herringbone and wood floor patterns are considered avant-garde in Art Deco. If you already have flooring, which is pretty standard these days, simple gold or brass inlays can work. Patterns are also printed in black and white chess designs or floor patterns with various visual effects. This pattern is further enhanced by the rugs that reveal the very geometric patterns of the floors.

How To Incorporate Art Deco Colors To Your Interior

At the top of the art deco decorating cheat list is the light fixture. Adding period lighting is one of the easiest and most charming ways to bring Art Deco into your space. The lamps of this period are often adorned with geometric and symmetrical patterns. The school is perhaps the most unique designer in the Art Deco design scene.

By now you must be dying to know exactly how to get the Roaring 20s into your living room. But rest assured, we have compiled a list of 10 ways to complete your modern 21st century home into an art deco style.

First you need to organize and make all the pictures in your place to compliment the home decor. It will be easier to break your vision down into simple pictures and then help everyone. You can use the help of some plaster and POP to make pictures to match the art deco theme. Streamlined shape can be continued with gold or chrome inlays.

The easiest way to give your rug an Art Deco look is to incorporate animal prints into the fabric you choose. Such copies may be hard to find now, but sellers will still have collections that are a throwback to a bygone era. Animal prints can be anything from black and white zebra shark prints to leopard prints. Stick to your sofa chair, and you’ve done a great job!

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Art Deco is filled with a wealth of dazzling art, from more abstract paintings to larger-than-life sculptures. If you are planning to improve your space, you should consider getting Art Deco artwork as a contrast.

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