Art Deco In Interior Design

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Art Deco In Interior Design – Symmetry and luxury, aluminum and silver, muted colors and ivory… Everything is in Art Deco. If you’ve read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and seen Baz Luhrmann’s screening, you know what we mean. If you’ve always dreamed of attending a Gatsby party, this article will help you bring the roaring 20s atmosphere into your home design.

It is an abbreviation of the French “art decoratif” or literally “decorative art”. The style originated in France and quickly spread throughout Western Europe and the US. The trend arose as a response to the asceticism and restrictions of the First World War, which manifested itself in architecture, sculpture, interior design, clothing, furniture and painting.

Art Deco In Interior Design

The style was officially introduced at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Industry held in Paris in 1925. This influential exhibition featured Art Deco interiors that represented modernism becoming modern.

An Art Deco Interior Design Guide

It is the drive for the future and the sense of freedom that dominated the Roaring Twenties. The effect can be seen everywhere, changing the look of everything from plastic radios to trendy evening dresses and city skylines from New York to Shanghai. The new aesthetic became the style of pleasure palaces of the time – hotels, cinemas, cocktail bars and nightclubs.

In essence, this is not just one style, but a mosaic of different, often conflicting styles coming together to produce something incredibly new and exciting at the time. Taking into account the influence of the Industrial Revolution, the style reflects an admiration for technological progress and the design characteristics inherent in manufactured products, namely planarity, symmetry and the repetition of fixed elements.

This style applies rectangular and cube shapes broken up by curved decorative elements. It is usually characterized by bold geometric lines, layered shapes and ethnic African and Asian patterns and expensive materials (eg mahogany, natural stone, silver, aluminum, crocodile skin, ivory, etc.).

This style can easily fill the space of the 21st century with the atmosphere of glamor and glamor of the golden twenties. If you want to make the place so exquisite that Gatsby will want to host a party there, just follow the tips below. We also understand that you want to try the design suggestions on the list first, to see how it will look in your home, and there is special software that can help you.

Art Deco Interior Design Guide

They should be monophonic with ornaments or geometric patterns. They do not attract attention, but only serve as a background that complements the luxury. Mirrors of incredible colors and shapes are essential elements of the Art Deco style and will add a beautiful aesthetic to your interior.

Shiny parquet or stunning stone tiles will create interior harmony. We should not forget the details with the zebra print, which is one of the symbols of the Art Deco movement.

High ceilings decorated with various elements and expensive finishing materials are one of the main characteristics of Art Deco.

Large chandeliers, table lamps and sconces made of steel, chrome or polished bronze will certainly bring a touch of elegance to your room.

Modern Art Deco Interior Design Mood Board By Alix.mearns

The furniture features are modern, glamorous and comfortable. Choose sofas, armchairs and ottomans with lacquered elements in velvet, velor or leather.

A classic vanity will take your bathroom decor back to the past. Look for sinks and bathtubs with angular shapes, and choose faucets and metal elements in shiny metallic colors. Oversized lamps and mirrors will also add luxury and elegance.

Collectable, exclusive and rare items will emphasize the good taste and status of the owner. A vintage typewriter or vinyl record player would be a perfect choice. You can also add a carved wooden wine cabinet and chest of drawers and a coffee table.

Art Deco is more than strong vertical lines, simple shapes and geometric motifs. If you look deep, you can see how this exquisite style was influenced by various sources, including the art of Africa and ancient Egypt and the art of ancient Greece.

Why Art Deco Became Popular For Interior Design

Today, this style is more popular than ever. It is not only used in interior design, but also in art, architecture and jewelry. Many use it to connect the historical period with the present. If you want to try this style in your house or apartment with minimal effort, Live Home 3D can be a useful tool for you. Surrounded by original objects and beautiful decorative elements, you will certainly feel the spirit of the roaring 20s. Welcome to the unique interior of the house, filled with colors and all the splendor. The 58.8 square meter house located in Moscow, Russia is a complete work of art. Designed by Alena Gorskaya, this updated Art Deco look is all about a saturated red with green color palette, giant leaf motifs and lots of gold. In true Art Deco spirit, it is a vision of opulence and sophistication, luxurious marble elements and stunning patterns. A display of bespoke decorative pieces comes alongside velvety furnishings and modern chandeliers draw attention to ring the bells of prosperity. So choose a wrap dress or a three-piece suit and dance with both shoes to this cat’s meow.

The living room dining room combo comes alive with a vibrant cranberry and cool turquoise color scheme. Lilac accents intertwine with the deco design that runs through the large decorative walls. The leaf motif appears in liquid gold.

The bold black frame contains the color. A black radiator and a black charge bring out the basic note, where it contrasts with the bold red sofa.

The ornate gold base of the round coffee table is paired with large gold leaves on the main wall of the sofa.

Inspired Design: Contemporary Art Deco — Ecofirstart

Even the floor is a cranberry-turquoise cocktail. Three different floor finishes fill the space in an angular geometric section. The completion of the fourth floor defines the entrance to the house with an extraordinary burst of monochromatic color.

The entrance to the house is separated from the kitchen by a stunning gold screen, which is made with a leaf design that matches the panel in the living room.

A beautiful modern dining room chandelier highlights the small kitchen island and adjacent table. Gold finishes abound in the kitchen, drawing attention to the unique dining chairs and turquoise kitchen design.

On the opposite side of the kitchen island, garnet bar stools face the richly colored living room.

The Top Art Deco Interior Design Resources For 2022

Gold-handled cups and teapots sit above a gold-veined marble island. Colorful macarons pop out of a trendy cookie jar.

The screen used to separate the entrance to the house from the kitchen was duplicated to create a decorative mirror in the hallway.

The red front door breaks away from the theme of the black and white hallway. Glowing chandeliers give the hallway a golden crest.

A spectacular wall mural lines the wall between the two master bedroom chandeliers. The green theme inspires the shade of other green elements in the room, including the emerald bed, green dressing and matching roses on the ceiling.

Art Deco Hot Trends To Transform Your Space

The brick effect on the headboard wall continues around the adjacent wall to frame the window.

Velvety red curtains hung to one side of the window, adding a sense of expense that matched the Art Deco ethos of prosperity and progress.

Green marble, diagonal wood laminate and plum mosaic collide. A glamorous modern bathroom vanity tucks into an alcove next to a gold storage cabinet.

The same caramel-colored granite borders the beautiful shower cabin. Plum mosaic tiles fill the floor and ceiling of the cabin.

Art Deco Interior Design (11)

The small powder room has a darker decorating aesthetic. Black brick effect walls are combined with petrol blue backsplash and matte black appliances.

A golden round mirror exudes luxury in a gold-fronted dressing table. The grained black worktop features a beautiful integrated sink beneath a matching matte black faucet.

Lilac and turquoise panels used in the interior do not overlook this small final point, this time a colorful entrance.

The black toilet blends with the navy blue and black palette in the powder room. Toilet flushes, electrical sockets and decorative items follow the color black, and even the toilet roll!

How To Decor Any Room With Art Deco Style Like A Pro

Share it on one of our social media channels below to cast your vote. Your feedback helps us improve. Art Deco was one of the most exciting and influential styles of the 20th century, and it continues to influence design today. As a style, Art Deco is easily adapted to any interior, so the signs of the style still remain. Contemporary ideas of Art Deco furniture are still being devised, which is a testament to the appeal of the Deco style in its opulent and opulent nature.

To create an Art Deco feel in your interior, think bold and luxurious. The decor is elegant, functional and modern, and although it dates back to the 1920s, it is still the perfect combination for a contemporary home. While creating a stunning effect for a complete Art Deco interior, it can include Art Deco interior design elements that can be abundant or sparse depending on your taste and lifestyle. Art Deco interior is guaranteed to bring a

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